Until now, obtaining the substantial personal liquidity which is the reward for your hard work has come at a great cost. That cost is the loss of your business, loss of income, and loss of upside in selling to a traditional consolidator.

Fusion Media Group (“FMG”) was formed to provide a new alternative to principals of select outdoor advertising companies.

Under our structure, principals:
Diversify your net worth through a substantial cash payment;
Retain current management autonomy;
Retain current branding and corporate identity in your markets; and
Retain cash flow and equity value upside.

Based on our experience gained from over 60 successful acquisitions in the billboard business and over 30 years combined experience financing and operating media companies, we know that the local entrepreneurs responsible for building successful independent outdoor operators can run those assets more efficiently than anyone else.

We are seeking to affiliate with local, entrepreneurial management teams to ensure the long-term existence of certain independent operators, while providing liquidity to the Principals or other shareholders. Through our holding company structure, FMG brings the benefits and premium valuations of a much larger operation to independent operators, while sustaining the entrepreneurial culture which has created your success.

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