Fusion Media Group Forms First Operating Affiliate,
Connect Outdoor Media LLC
- Connect Outdoor Media, LLC Acquires Genesis Media Advertising -

Wenham, MA, November 19, 2007Fusion Media Group (FMG), an Out-of-Home media company, today announced the formation of wholly-owned subsidiary Connect Outdoor Media LLC and Connect’s first majority acquisition, Tyler, Texas-based Genesis Media Advertising.

Connect purchased the outdoor advertising assets of Genesis Media a leading Out-of-Home advertising company in East Texas. The founder of Genesis, Greg Caton, continues to run Connect and use the benefits of being an FMG operating affiliate to continue growing the business. Growth in the Texas markets is expected to come from both organically, through plant upgrade opportunities and new builds, and through acquisition.

“We think Connect, through the purchase of the Genesis Media assets, was a compelling way to begin the roll-out of our innovative affiliate model at FMG,” said Ed Lastes, CEO of FMG. “Partnering with great operators like Greg Caton in growing, local markets like Tyler, Texas will be a great platform for growth. The outdoor plant he operates is of the highest quality and we share his enthusiasm for growth through upgrades of existing structures, new builds, and additional acquisition opportunities in his region. We’re please to provide a new option for independents like Greg to gain some liquidity, while continuing to run their business. He chose the FMG model as the way to move forward with and rapidly expand his business.”

“We needed more than just a strong business partner to help us continue to grow our business, we needed to team up with guys that had the seasoning and experience to trust local management,” said Brent Waller, President of Connect. “The FMG guys were absolutely the right choice and with their access to capital, strong national network of operators in the outdoor business, and sound operating insights we’re positioned to grow very rapidly. I think a lot of other independent outdoor operators like us will be attracted to the FMG model and we look forward to welcoming them as fellow affiliates within the FMG operating structure.”

About Fusion Media Group
Fusion Media Group (FMG) was formed to provide a new alternative to Principals of leading, independent outdoor advertising companies. Based on our experience gained from over 60 successful acquisitions in the billboard business and over 30 years combined experience financing and operating media companies, we know that the local entrepreneurs responsible for building successful independent outdoor operators can run those assets more efficiently than anyone else. FMG affiliates with local, entrepreneurial management teams to ensure the long-term success of independent operators, while providing liquidity to the Principals or other shareholders. Through our holding company structure, FMG brings the benefits and premium valuations of a much larger operation to independent operators, while sustaining the entrepreneurial culture which has created their success. The Wenham, Massachusetts-based company was founded in 2006. For more information, visit www.fusionmediagroup.com.

About Connect Outdoor Media LLC
Connect Outdoor Media LLC is a leading regional outdoor advertising company in East Texas and Shreveport, LA with their headquarters just outside of Paris, Texas, as well as a sales office in Tyler. Connect is continuing to grow through select acquisitions as well as upgrading its existing sites and building new structures. For more information on Connect Outdoor Media, LLC, please call 1-866-998-0008, extension 14 for Brent Waller or email at bwaller@connectoutdoor.com.

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