Well-run companies often invest their excess capital back into the business to support growth. The entrepreneur and/or shareholders reach a point where they desire liquidity to diversify their personal net worth, enhance estate planning, or purchase the shares of minority, retiring or inactive members without placing a cash drain on their business. Our holding company structure provides significant liquidity to the operators and/or shareholders to accomplish these objectives, without jeopardizing the continuing operations of the business through overburdening its future with significant debt obligations. Additionally, we can bring certain benefits and the premium valuations of the large consolidators to smaller, independent operators.

Select operators can grow the value of their companies faster as an FMG Affiliate than remaining independent. As a Fusion Affiliate, you retain cash flow and equity upside in your company, which you continue to run. Please see the attached presentation for additional information.

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The Fusion Affiliate Program is based upon a proven acquisition model which has created a $3Bn NYSE traded company.

The transaction structure is based upon two simple concepts:
(i) alignment of interests and (ii) clear incentives.

FMG aligns its interests with the ongoing management through an up-front payment to acquire an equity interest at market values. As mutual owners, FMG is invested in the local management team and seeks to sustain the entrepreneurial culture to create value. Our goals are simple. We want to create a strong incentive for you to grow the company and to provide you whatever resources or assistance you may require.


Diversification of net worth of Entrepreneur.
Liquidity to resolve potential divergent shareholder/partner interests.
Maintain current operating autonomy.
Continue to participate in the growth of cash flow and equity value of the operation.
Beneficial tax treatment with current capital gains rate/outlook
(i.e. 15% today versus ?? in the future). *
  *Not intended as tax advice. Please consult your tax advisor.
We are currently in conversations with several independent operators, and look forward to speaking with you about your company.

We recognize that the Fusion Affiliate Program may not fit the strategic needs of all independent operators. If you are only interested in the sale of your business with no continuing role, we would still like to speak with you.


FMG has relied upon the experience of its management team to develop capital deployment strategies to assist independent Out-of-Home operators grow and create value.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your interest in any of the following areas:

New build development
Improvements and Upgrades, including digital deployment
Debt Consolidation & Refinance
Acquisition Finance
Affiliate Program
Lease & Easement Acquisition
Financing Alternatives

A monthly lease payment from a billboard operator may not be the best alternative for you. Some property owners may find immediate liquidity appealing for a variety of reasons, including debt repayment, expansion capital, asset diversification, estate planning and children's education. FMG offers several liquidity opportunities tailored to meet the individual needs of each property owner. Our process is straightforward and efficient.

Eliminate risks associated with lease expiration, including loss of the site. Lock-in your lease renewal and costs today. FMG is interested in working with operators to acquire the ground under their assets. In return, we will enter into long-term lease arrangements, the terms of which will be known in advance, designed to protect your sites from others. In most cases, we can pay a commission or lower your annual costs or both.

FMG is seeking to partner with select individuals and firms with community knowledge and relationships in various geographic territories. We offer a generous, success based commission stru cture, lead registration and in certain circumstances, geographic exclusivity.
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